All Seeing Eye Dog

Thanks for the nightmares. I didn’t want to sleep anyway…

The dog’s head has been replaced by a pyramid with one eye! To quote Samurai Jack, “What trickery is this?!”

How does this pyramid fit into Nicholas Cage’s Freemason conspiracy theory from National Treasure?

Anyone else get chills when they saw this?

So does this dog lead the sightless cave-fish?

I guess this dog must be half Canadian.

Is that a saur on his head?

In Dog We Trust? The shirt’s already green, so all it needs now is a denomination and it can go to the mint.

Now even dogs have pyramid schemes.

This dog scary dog is obviously owned by the freakish mannequin head.

This answers the question of: “Who REALLY laid out the design for Washington, DC?”… A masonic all-seeing-eye-dog. Makes perfect sense now.

Looks like a doggone cyclops!

The actual title for the pyramid-eye thing is the Eye of Providence:

In Dog We Trust.

As a non-card carrying member of PETA I nonetheless find this shirt offensive. Please remember that animals are not ours for use in entertainment, experiments, or to eat. How would you like it if you were a dog and people joked about sticking a cyclops-pyramid on your head? I doubt you’d think it was funny. Dogs, like all animals, have a brain and a central nervous system. They feel fear, pain, sadness and other emotions, just like you and me. Please don’t buy this shirt, it’s just downright offensive to the cute lil doggies minding their own business, chilling in the park… or wherever it is dogs normally chill.

I’m buying three now, and opening another account and buying three more just because of your silly reasoning.

If you really cared about PETA, who says nobody should wear leather or own pets, even ones that cant survive in the wild, like ferrets, you’d at least buy a membership.

With your reasoning, you’d better not ever watch animals on TV or own any National Geographic DVDs. Dont even draw pictures of them, like on WOOT shirts!

PS., why do you assume its a dog with a pyramid head? Its a pyramid head with a dog body. Its NOT a dog, its a pyramid.

I know for a fact dogs have a sense of humor. They think people who project their own thoughts and emotions magically into animals are crazy and hilarious.

I can see the Fnords.

I heard Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, and Alan Greenspan own dogs like this.