All Sorts of Apparel and Footwear

Ewwwwwwwwww those are the nastiest boat shoes I have ever seen - It’s like a giant tongue attempting to lick your toes…maybe a Rex Ryan dream but no thanks…Who the F green lighted that project…LOL Who looks at those and says “Winner”.

The Fila polo shirts are awesome! Very comfortable and thin. The collar can be a bit flimsy, but the shirt looks and feels great, and I’d buy another one if I weren’t too fat for a medium.

Although the $3 gloves may appear to be a great deal and very tempting to purchase, don’t. I have small female hands and purchase size “small.” They may be listed as a woman’s glove, but these are a man’s glove… I gave them to my boyfriend (I bought the green color which is no longer listed here). He usually wears a men’s medium and these gloves are just slightly small on him yet still wearable.

Does anyone know how these polo fits? Last fila (golf) shirts I bought were way bigger than what im used to - medium was more like large.

I bought a few of the Pleece Scarves and Hats at previous Woot sales. So soft and comfortable, very well made and have held up beautifully.
Heading back in for more!
(Is it too early to say “Save for Christmas presents? How about Fourth of July”?)

I’m stashing a couple of Pleece items for Christmas presents, so I don’t think it’s too early. I shop for stocking stuffers throughout the year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the sale until today, so only the short scarf and the purple hat were still available. I am currently wrapped in my rust Pleece shawl – so comfy! My mom loves the purple one that I got her. If they ever show up again, I will immediately snap up more shawls and throw blankets. The latter is often on my bed for a bit of extra warmth.