All Sorts of Cookware

I just bought 4 new lodge 7.5gt dutch ovens for 40$ Each for my fam members. Red.

Target is selling a Lodge 5 quart Cast Iron dutch oven for $30.99, undercutting the 4 quart by almost $10. As far as I’m concerned, greater capacity at a lower cost is a win, especially when it comes to dutch ovens.

I personally have pots, saucepans and dutch ovens in 2 quart intervals (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 quarts). I haven’t encountered something that required anything but the above sizes, to be honest.

Interesting price comparison:

4 qt Lodge Dutch Oven P10D3, $39.99 here, $52.88 (Prime) on Amazon. Good deal!!

7 qt Lodge Dutch Oven P12D3, $69.99 here, $53.99 (Prime) on Amazon. Huh?

Great reviews on both, though.

I can buy this 12" Lodge skillet at for the same price (shipped) but will give 0.5% of the price to charity. The Lodge color dutch oven is actually cheaper on Amazon. C’mon Woot.