All Sorts Of OGIO Bags

Pagoda 15" highly recommended. Although this is a price boost from when I purchased it @ 39.00 in February.

I just started using the Convoy this morning to carry all my crap to work (replaced a 10 year old Jansport) and it seems to fit everything with room to spare and seems to weigh less than my old bag. There are some small pockets that are supposed to be for sunglasses, a camera, cell phone, etc. but my portable HDD fit in one of those with a handful of USB sticks and various chargers fit in the other one. The pocket on the front is pretty massive and will hold all the crap you are willing to dig out of it. I’m not carrying a laptop, so I can’t comment on that but overall I’m diggin’ this bag.

Love the Pagoda 13", it’s perfect for my macbook air and ipad mini. It’s fantastic!

It looks like the bag front and center in the banner for the event isn’t actually one of the bags sold in the event. Am I missing something? It’s also shown down at the bottom of the event’s page, and there are no other bags near it there. I actually quite like that one.

Yeah it does look pretty cool.
Sometimes they reuse the stock images from a previous offering.
We might have had them previously or even might bring them back.

Anyone know if I can get two 13 inch macbook pros into a consul or covert? I frequently need to carry two and my bag is giving out.

Thanks all

I got the Newt II S (the backpack on the front right of the group pic) and its awesome. Wasn’t digging the cereal color at first but it grew on me.

I bought the 15" Pagoda bag the last time it was offered. I was using it for a couple of weeks and have come to realize as an everyday bag it isn’t so great, I commute everyday on the subway and the bag is just too big and cumbersome. When you put it over your shoulder behind your back the bag sticks out way to much making your overall footprint on a crowded train way too big.The strap is comfortable but the design of it is just awkward at times. Also for the sheer size of the bag there really isn’t that much space for stuff other then laptops and cables. Once you fill up one compartment it shrinks down all the other ones. Looking back I should have gotten the 13" bag, because if anything it has a more traditional strap across it. I’ll probably try to sell it on eBay or something.

talk2raffi -

I can fit an 11" Vaio laptop and an Asus Eee Pad Slider into the Covert, both on the same side (sleeve side), but that pretty much fills it up as they then take up room from the front pocket area.

Is there only one color to choose from for the 15" messenger bag?

yup! wysiwyg.

Always check measurements against bags you might already have. It’s not the brands fault you purchased a bag that was too big for your needs.

I’ve had a couple Ogio bags and they held up great over the years.

Dearest Woot,

Please consider showing the actual products for sale on the main page preview pictures. I’ve about given up on ever viewing these products because I know that what’s pictured is not actually what’s being sold.

Came for the classy backpacks, was disappointed.

ALSO, please consider putting more than 1 picture of the outside of the bad. The outside is essentially half the battle, I want to see the inside, unzipped, from the side. The size, length and width of products. I understand some have videos but not all. And I’m left stuck looking at a bag that I have no idea what the inside looks like.

Received my Pagoda-M 15" today. It is black, not cereal (which I have mixed feelings about) so not WYSIWYG as was stated.

I think I’m gonna just be happy with the black bag, as it is less purse-like, so less likely that my coworkers will mock me.

Same here, I noticed that the bag was labeled as cereal. I’m currently trying to make the same decision.


Sorry for the mix-up. If you decide you don’t want to keep them, just email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Boo! Just received mine, it’s black as well. There’s a sticker on the plastic bag that’s labeled “black” with a sticker placed on top labeled “cereal.”


Sorry to hear you received the wrong color. As ThunderThighs said above:

If you decide you don’t want to keep them, just email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.