All-Star Appetitans Trio by Woot Cellars

All-Star Appetitans Trio by Woot Cellars
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: 10 oz. Jar
1 Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade
1 Artichoke Lemon Spread
1 Green Olive Tapenade with pepper

No CT links on this one!

Ooh these would go great with Scott Harvey’s InZINerators.

Mistress Olive Greene’s outfit makes me feel funny.

I am hoping these are the tapenades we sampled this past spring. I guess I should have asked before I jumped in so quick?

they all sound delicious… but they’re so expensive! I would certainly buy them if I could justify spending that much.

I believe we had these at one of the MN tastings. VERY Highly recommended.

Well, it’s about time :wink:

WF and WD have been trying various spreads for many moons now; we got to taste several at the Sunday evening gathering at the rpm historical wine tour.

How many? Decisions, decisions.

25 bucks for dip?!pssshhhhh

Who did the labels?

Not sure where you live, but I routinely pay $6 for a jar of salsa here in NYC. More if it’s that fancy-schmancy organic stuff. I realize you wouldn’t dip nachos in this, but in terms of the “chopped veggies in a jar” price point, I don’t think it’s too outlandish.

WF, which would you recommend to have with cream cheese?

Anyone else’s order taking a long time?

Yes, mine is over at shirt.woot.

I know this is going to sound like an insult, but you know I love you guys and so it really shouldn’t be construed as such. You have come up with a real string of things that I really don’t care about. My wallet thanks you.

Having some woot cellars at the moment.

hee hee. that is cute

$8.00 bucks a jar. Are you kidding?

Labrats for this? Or did they go out with the Monday/Wednesday wine?

Same here.

On edit: Heh. And as I was posting, my “order is in” came through.

Yes, in for two but not showing up in my account yet. Hope the order went through ok, 'cause these look really tasty!

Edit: Nevermind, they just showed up in my account!