All-Star Appetitans Trio by Woot Cellars

as did mine at sellout.woot.

remember the 17 minute wait for the ceramic heater or whatever it was the other day? not one of the woot-moments you hear about in the TV commercials

I mean, if they did commercials

what the bloody h3ll… at least my wallet sleeps the entire week now … needed rest!

Do these have expiration dates on them?

Afranke, no one who lives in NYC and pays six bucks for salsa has any concept of what constitutes ‘outlandish’ for the 295+ million people in this country that don’t live in Manhattan. I’m up in Harlem, and can easily find more than adequate stuff at Trader Joe’s for less than four dollars when I make it down to Union Sq., or when I can’t, in the 4-5 dollar range anywhere else.


And well, the detractors can say what they want. I really haven’t purchased any foodstuffs from wine.woot (or one of the side deals) that has been disappointing.
The Cool Beans dips were good. Wafer guy’s stuff was good. Blacksak’s coffee was outstanding. And these have been sent out to some of the wine.woot gatherings by the first couple of wine.woot to good reviews. Oh and let’s not forget the toffee crack from Brandini.

With the holidays coming up this kind of thing is great to have on hand as a last minute party contribution. Put it in your own decorative bowl, garnish nicely and ttake all the credit.

Thank you!
I have seen these kind of prices like at Harry and David, but this stuff is not even fresh, so to call it vegetables is a bit of a stretch…here in Oregon (yes, I know I am lucky) we can get good organic fresh salsa for much much less, and you can even make your own tapenade in no time.
$8 per 10 oz jar for dip (even though it does look good) is way too much in my opinion…Anyone seen the stock market up there in NY recently? If you can pay that much, more power to you, but don’t snob down on those of us whose money is hard earned…

3 jars of salsa for $25 ?!?! How good is it ?!?!?

Woot, there is still time to lower the price by $5.

How long do you these will last before being opened- Expiration date?

i like the opportunity to have occasional non-wine wine.woots, and i certainly am a fan of dips and spreads and such, but unfortunately i draw the line at eating olives.

The Olive Garden, Oliver Stone, Olive Oyl, Oliver Twist, olive oil, Olivia Benson, Olivia Newton-John, Olive Green Crayon, all good. heck, my folks even have an olive tree in their back yard.
but eating olives? ewww.

Sounds tasty, but way too pricey.
Maybe I’d think about it after the chill of winter has stolen the life from my garden, but not while I still have more tomatoes than I can give away.

Where are all these people coming from with 1-3 posts. Dip gets people all riled up!

Ya, I’m out due to the price point as well + we have a local market that has a small tapenade stand. I am curious about them though all the food items I’ve purchased from Woot have been outstanding.

my first wine.woot! I suppose I probably should have popped that cherry on some wine, but I love tapenade, and am more of a beer guy than wine, though I did almost buy last weeks, but 50 was too much for an impulse buy.

As incredulous as it may sound to the rest of the country, there are at least a handful of us 20 million New Yorkers “whose money is hard earned” as well.

If this is the Woot discount price, what is the regular price? Out of this world?

All-Star Appetitans Trio by Woot Cellars
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In for one, finally something I can send to Utah! I can’t wait to move back to San Diego. Three more weeks…

can anyone give up some information regarding the side deal? i see a lot wooters alluding to this wine but does the price tag justify the juice? is that a twist off?

Does anyone know if they really check IDs and require someone to be present when you take delivery of food products purchased from wine.woot?

There are a number of tasting notes in the side deal thread. And yes, it’s a twist off.