All the Cool Kids Have Tablets

Do all the cool kids have tablets? Do you?

Tablets appear to be a bit more trendy than laptops these days. What do you think?

Anybody knows if the Dell Streak 7" already has an ICS (or even JellyBean) ROM?

I’m amazed the HP hasn’t sold out, yet. I have the same model with ICS on it, and love it!

All these woots where only one item is available are getting a bit tiresome.

I just noticed that…One iPad cover? Really Woot? The new Woot Plus is starting to get pretty sucko. You can do better.

Sorry, we know it’s a bit frustrating. :frowning:

Manufacturers will sometimes sell us an assortment of product that may include very limited stock of a few items. In other cases, we may have a few remaining items from previous sales.

While the quantity is limited, we do still want to pass these deals on to our customers. Plus deals will often have limited quantities so it’s important to watch for them closely.

They are all sold out already. What’s up with that…very disappointing!

Woohoo, got me a water proof iPad case! =D

In other words stuff that normally would have ended up as a nice surprise in the BOC now ends up on Woot ‘Plus’.

Just wanted to let you know, Newegg has the Dell Streak tablet for $130 and free shipping.

I don’t think I saw a difference between the one on here and the one on Newegg…

I bought the galaxy tab 7 case previously and it doesn’t fit Kindle Fire, the galaxy tab has much more rounded corners than kindle fire. You can get it to fit but it feels like it’s going to pop out at any moment.

Never even got a chance to bid on one… they must have only sold like 3

Agreed. It’s getting to be that going to Woot for the “one day one deal” isn’t fun anymore. It’s more like “one day multiple sub-categories with many sub-sub-categories already sold out within one minute.” It just means I’m disappointed most of the time which isn’t a real driver for me to come back regularly.

The times I’ve tried, never gotten the fabled BOC, so I wouldn’t know what you’re talking about.

Clearly, the Ball of Candies is a myth.

Wonder if it will fit the Nexus 7

Sorry if this is coming a little late but yea I’ve got ICS running on mine and it works perfect. I believe the rom I’ve got on there is Cyanagen mod 9 but I don’t have it with me to check at the moment.

Aren’t these woot!plus deals released at the same time each week? If so, I really don’t think these selling out is any different than a good “Deal-a-Day” item being sold out almost as soon as it’s put up.

Just find out what time these deals are released and be here when they’re released.

Does anyone know if the leather cover will fit a Google Nexus 7 tablet?