All-Weather Rocking Chairs - Your Choice

Time to learn all about the care and maintenance of your new furniture.

Here are some reviews on Amazon:

Reviews over at Wayfair

Thank you for the Amazon reference. It was very helpful, especially the customer comments.

We bought a pair of these last time they were on here, the gray. They arrived quickly and we put them together easily. I bought teak oil at Home Depot and gave all the wood a thorough rubdown before placing them on our sunny front porch. They are gorgeous as well as comfortable…quality pieces.

Thanks for the wonderful Review, Macbeth! They are pretty cool.

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Deleted most of this because I realized my husband can be a complete dope.
The rockers are extra nice. Definitely worth the money and I’ll think seriously about buying an additional pair as a gift for family members. Really, really pleased with the quality.