Allclear Backyard Mister with Repellent

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Allclear Backyard Mister with Repellent
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Happy Saturday, Wooters!

Wanted to let you know before you get started talking about this mister that this is the UPDATED model. This newer model plugs into the wall rather than using batteries. This change was made based on feedback from customers.

Note that you’re also getting the Naturals Concentrate Repellent with the mister.

How do you know it’s a Mister, and not a Misses?


The active ingredient in the concentrate spray included with this mister is geraniol, which has consistently proven ineffective for driving off most mosquitos. When it does work, it doesn’t work for long, 30 to 90 minutes. Good news: it’s a natural plant oil. Bad news: for some people, it’s an irritant and it’s not as effective as various chemical means, notably picaridin.

If you can find a concentrate whose active ingredient is at least 20% picaridin, then I’d say buy this product. If you can’t, don’t.

More info:

“Long 30 ft power cord that allows the minter to run without interruption unlike previous battery powered models.”

It’s not a mister, OR a missus.

But, it DOES have that great “minty” scent.

(TT, yes I’m having some fun tonight!)


Fixed! Thanks for keeping us sharp!

Amazon users think it’s junk… 1.7 stars.

I believe if you read through the reviews, many of them are in regards to the older battery-powered model.

Not sue about the Terminex ingredients, may be the same, but we have had very good results with using Bug Slug with this type sprayer; I am now exceeding my knowledge, but have been told it contains atomizer ingredient that breaks down the oils into nano sized droplets that suffocate the little critters. Not sure about the residual, we use it about 2 hours before bon fire for pest free evening at weekend spot