Allied Flag Outdoor Nylon State Flag…


Mississippi State Flag. Will you have other state flags also?

I’m from Mississippi and would love it if you’d cut your losses on that flag and toss the rest of them in the trash.

Wow selling a flag with the confederate flag on it Woot? Liked shopping with now I don’t. Good luck with your racist customers. Sickening

Last time this was up, it was ended early, so maybe that will happen again.

raciest flag why would you carry this P O S item ???

It’s the state flag of Mississippi.

Talk to them.

My comment was deleted? F@ck you Woot. I’ll refrain from buying in the future.

Don’t take it personal. They try keeping comments in product threads as neutral as possible while remaining on topic to the product. :slight_smile:

Our Sellout deals are not as predictable as our other sites - all I can say it to keep checking in :slight_smile: