Alliyah Rugs: Take Two

A little suggestion for your developers, don’t use $0.01 as a place holder. Instead use $999.99. That way if something goes live accidentally, you won’t lose your Woot shirt!

I know this from experience!

I’ll pass that on!

“Sabrina Vanilla” doesn’t list a size. 5x8?

Well, they aren’t a penny- but the prices are good!

BTW - we’re missing sizing specs on more than one rug.

I’m not in the market for anything wool, but it’s nice to finally see all the rugs. Many of them are quite lovely.

I got one! Yay! Great prices!

What size is the “waves”

I have one of these, and in the beginning they shed a LOT of lint. It’s enough to clog a vacuum cleaner if you aren’t diligent about vacuuming every day. It’s been about a month, still linty…

Sorry, that is somewhat hidden. On the specs page- it says that it’s a 6’ square rug.

Quill rug doesn’t list a size, either.

Sorry about that! All fixed now. Quill is 5’x8’!