Alliyah Rugs

Something’s wrong here. All rugs one cent, no pictures.

The hell?

I’d love to buy a bunch of rugs for 1 cent, but this is clearly an error

Woohoo. Now that’s what I call a WootOff! A penny each! I’m in for ten.

Right. For a minute, I was thinking whooho! Jackpot. Sometimes our local Home Depot has some good rug sales! Dreaming!

Haha, some are sold out already - in for a penny in for a… cancelled order later on today?

I just don’t understand people. It’s so obvious it’s a glitch, but oh well.

… crashed the site, too.

Server crashed? This reminds me of the good ol 'days - holding your breath, waiting to see if your order went through or if you got the “Yikes, something went wrong” message…Is there a Bundle of Carrots somewhere that I’m missing? :,-(

Seriously woot - wake someone up:

I’ll run along to cancel that order on my own now… if it’ll let me. (It did let me cancel)

Maybe Woot REALLY wants to get rid of these rugs, BAD.

Yeah, but they really get you on the shipping. That $5 flat rate is 500 times the item cost. The nerve.

Sometimes it’s worth it. Just sometimes.

Someone who seriously wants one of these needs to order one, the way it is. Let us know what happens.

order for 6 processed then disappeared

I ordered 1. What a deal!

Darn the luck.

I need a couple of rugs

Damn, can’t checkout. Keep getting server error.