All's Crap that Ends Crap 8kd8k9sjfdjsy

All’s Crap that Ends Crap 8kd8k9sjfdjsy
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Sep 01 to Wednesday, Sep 06) + transit
Condition: Crappy, of course


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Got 'em

Been waiting all day for this! Crappy!

I got mine earlier, so I timed this one–looks like it lasted ~12 seconds.

Yes! Finally got a BoC after missing the last few BoC events!

Woop woop!

That was quick… ah well, the quest continues…

Just got home from work, clicked woot refreshed and got one! first crap in years!

Got one! Can’t wait to get disappointed, again! Lol

seriously!! grrr I was right on it. Darn waiting room!

FFS, got through the Vestibule of Pain quickly and finished the order, but it was insta-canceled.

A crappy score indeed!


This is CRAPPY! I think you need to sort your bot users out. Gone as soon as it comes up.

Thank you cklun!

BOOM. Scored one.

Got one! Woohoo!

Got one! Thanks Woot! No VoP even… I feel quite lucky tonight.

me too…