Almost bought a Blinged-Out Cabbage.....I was sooo close.


My brother has been telling me about these bags of crap on woot, but I have never actually been online when they were selling it. I finally saw one yesterday, but wasn’t lucky enough to win.
Anyone get anything good?


Not this time around, got cuaght with my pants down, not litteraly. Last time I got one, I made my money back, but it isn’t about that, it’s about the mystic!

give me a second and I’ll provide you a link of people’s past crap!

edit:here you go :slight_smile:


That would be great. I’ve only been a woot member for a couple of week’s. Others in my family are long-time members, but no one has won a b-o-c. At least not yet…there’s still time.


I left the computer too early this time. My daughter is using a book bag that I got during the summer. It just happened to be the colors of her school. BTW her school colors match High School Musical 1 and 2 colors and mascot. For a middle school girl these days it doesn’t get much better than that. Well tickets to one of the Milie (SP) Cyrus concerts would be better. Last summer, I was so freaked out that I got to the order page that I forgot to pick I want three. I have gotten two bags over the years. I have tried to get lots more. Sometimes the quest and anticipation is more fun than the stuff.


the birthday woot! My husband got that, we yard saled everything , but the bag - made back my money, plus a couple bucks. We both lucked out this time! I haven’t gotten one since last November.


What’s the birthday woot?


Woots birthday

p.s. did you see the link to up above?


That would be so fun to land a B O C. I haven’t seen the order for one up at all just heard about it.


I beg to differ its my birthday! hmph


the anticipation part was definitely the best part of it. The birthday one was kind of a let down because there were so many that your odds of getting something good or even funny was low.


Oh yeah I’m sorry, iforgoted it was yours :frowning:


your forgiven, does make it easy to remember though. . .