Almost the Last Crap of the Year



I finally crapped! Thanks Woot

Finally… Scored something I want for the Christmas…

I was signed in and it made me sign in again!! lost it due to captcha!

Woohoo!! Got one!

my last crap of the year. my wife said they’re so crappy that I’m not allowed to buy them anymore.

That’s crap. Main page refreshed before Community page…plus at a time when so many Wooters are on…


Huh. Didn’t come up in Community first.

Signed, sealed, delivered! Woohoo!

FINALLY! Goodness. After so many denies/ timed out white screens/ and having to log back in, I got one.

Damn ravenous woot mob. I couldn’t have been any faster. The luck of the draw…


Figures. It pops up at 100%, I immediately click, it takes me to the next page at 54%, I process it, get to the final page to submit the order…and it’s gone. All in no more than 30 seconds tops.

Got one!!!

Got one! Thanks Woot!! Such a blast these days!

OMG, just when I was about to stop believing in the Spaghetti Monster, he comes through. It was a great Festivus after all.

That’s the way to end a crappy year!!! Wooooot!

I have no idea where things show up first now. First it was main page, then it was community. Then it was Woot! App… then it’s none of those… no idea.