Almost Too Complicated

now ppl just need to figure out how to use chopsticks

Leftovers from the Japan derby?

I’m a college student. I eat Ramen Noodles. I have no idea why I’d want a shirt letting everyone know I eat Ramen. Everyone already knows that because I’m a poor college student.

haha I love this t-shirt design.

In before the debate starts…

I have conducted an experiment! I have put the Ramen Spices in both FIRST, and LAST!

To my astonishment it TASTES THE SAME BOTH WAYS!!!

Funny shirt DF, and congrats. :slight_smile:

You can’t help but feel a little better about the world when you look at the expression of simple ramen joy on the boy’s face.

Why is he throwing up noodles into the bowl?

What would be really funny if, late at night, some drunk college student asks his buddy to go get his woot shirt cuz he forgot how to make ramen noodles.

Does anyone else think it looks like the kid is vomiting ramen?

It is a New Garbage Pail Kid!

What happens if you don’t follow the guide? Do the Noodle Gods come down and punish you?

Hooray for stereotypes?

i never get that excited when i eat ramen noodles lol

I never thought ramen was complicated to make… then someone once told me they burned the seasoning.

I guess it can be complicated.

Yes, the fun, relaxing, and non-existent island nation of Jamcica.

Not sure if I like the lemon colored shirt… :S

This is not true. Seasoning last is the way to go.

I ate Ramen one time through 5 years of architecture school.



I like it. It’s a silly shirt.

Can’t buy however, I look terrible in yellow.

Aah, the magical levitating noodle turkey ramen spices…