Almost Too Complicated

In for 1…

Love the design, but I just wanna know how that poor kid ended up impaling his hand with wooden chopsticks…

Perhaps he’s overjoyed that he’s puking them up… saving himself hours of stomach aches.

“Guan Di is his name…”

True story.

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tempted to buy this one…

My roommate has a bunch of untouched ramen. Wonder if he would notice a few packages missing…

I like that it doesn’t number the steps with the traditional “numbers”, very nice touch.

I swear, step four makes me think more along the lines of ‘throw up’ as opposed to ‘eat’…

Is it me, or does he look like he’s vomiting Ramen? lol

Let me get this straight… You boil water, insert noodles, insert flavoring, and then vomit into a bowl filled with noodles. You had me until the last step.

Yes, he will. If there’s one thing that seems to be easy to keep a mental count of, it’s ramen noodles… learned that one the hard way :wink:

Since there’s no joke in the steps anywhere, I guess the only purchasers will be huge fans of ramen? I don’t really see the appeal myself, but then again I seriously thought about buying the robot shirt earlier in the week; I obviously do not have my fingers on the pulse of today’s shirt wooting youth.

Woah, okay. This is four steps too many. Where’s the nearest McDonalds?

That’s what I thought… X3

claudicina, that is a little bit creepy.

Shouldnt Dead Frog shirt that is still in the reconing be linked under his name? As far as i can see The epic begins is still there.

Instant ramen is cheap and fast but it’s no competition to the actual ramen you find in a stand or at a restaurant where they home make the noddles!! yum Cool shirt though =)

The best way to have it ,IMHO is to boil the noodles ,drain the water, add butter,And then the spices stir serve with chicken.


I thought the same thing.