Aloe Cadabra... Aaaah...

Needz more Alohomora

Will the 5 pack really be a 5 pack this time around, lots of people only got 4 last time

Yes, this is a new shipment and everyone practiced their math drills.

Why is the 5 pack the same price as the 4 pack (retail and sale price)?

Why would anyone buy the 4 pack?

^ I was guessing that the 5 pack had smaller bottles, but all the bottle sizes are the same in the 4 and 5 packs. (under specs) So, your question is indeed a valid one.

It’s for the people who don’t want the ‘free’ and extra bottle of ‘plain’ aloe-vera cream/lotion/lube/etc… LOL! :wink:

Well, it looks like I got 4 instead of 5 again. A little annoying that this happened twice.

I bought the 5 pack and I got 4, what is going on here?

Bummer! I’d recommend getting in touch with Woot Member Service at Be sure to include your order details and what happened so they can get this resolved.

I thought everyone practiced their math drills this time. Sorry, back to kindergarten for you I count 4 not 5. ???

The 5 pack DOES in fact have 5 qty in the sale. What you’re reading is the part number which has the number 4 in it.

I bought the 5 pack, opened the box and once again there were only four bottles in the package.

gah. i’m sorry. i’m sending these posts forward.

for those who haven’t already done so: please email so we can get this resolved. apologies again, i’m sure this is disappointing.

Ducky, I already wrote support. Was offered 5 bucks back or to return. Same as last time. Really disappointed that this happened again, you guys usually are pretty good about these things.

Yep, me too. First time I’ve ever been disappointed by Woot! Ordered the 5PK but package clearly labeled as 4PK and sure enough only four in the box - lacked the lavender scent. I emailed support and will reserve final judgement until I see how they resolve it.

Same here, missing the lavender and the brown box was labeled as 4 pk, though the order slip in the box states 4PK + NA.

Same with mine, 4 not 5 and missing the lavender which is one I really was looking forward to. Not sure I will be happy with the offer of a $5.00 refund since I really wanted the product. Glad to see I was not the only one though…

We’re very sorry to hear that a portion of you folk are experiencing the missing portion of your order.

We’re still in communications with the vendor and Woot Member Services to try and find a resolve to this situation.

As soon we find out any updates or become aware of a mass email we will let you all know.

Thank you for your patience during this matter.

Ditto for the issue of ordering a five pack and only receiving a four pack-minus the lavender scent. I really wanted to try that one! The fact that this has happened to so many wooters (some more than once) is really disappointing!