Aloe Gator Sun Care

So how does the Aloe Gator Cooling gel help me with “Over Exposure to sun and WINE”??? I like wine and if there’s some hidden hang-over ailment in it, I’m in for 3…

surely there’s no pairing more timeless than the searing hot sun and a goblet of cab franc.

Not sure this is all that great of a deal. 18/3=6 per can. Plus the 5 dollars shipping. You can buy similar spray sunscreen products in stores for about 7 or 8 dollars. No real savings here, IMO.

The Sun Screen Bundle looks to be a good deal. The lotion in this bundle is for 8 HOURS (not the norm) and has very good reviews on amazon saying that it really does work all day long without reapplication. Both the lotion and Aloe go for around $9 EACH and the lip balm seems to go for $4.75 EACH on amazon. All the products in the set have great reviews and most folks say they cannot seem to find at their local stores. I know I have never seen this brand in stores around me. I decided to give it a try. I thought it would be nice to have a sunscreen I can put on me and my kids for an all day outing to a theme park and not have to worry about reapplication. I’ll still use other waterproof brands that only last for 80 minutes when we goto the pool for an hour or two, but having something that lasts for 8 hours when you know you’ll be out in the sun all day on vacation will be super nice. I didn’t really look into the sprays because I personally do NOT like the sprays because I feel I waste a lot in the air and never feel like I get good coverage (ie. miss a spot here and there). Anyway, my point is that the Sun Screen Bundle looks like a good deal for all you get and the great reviews on it out at amazon.

It’s a good idea to buy fresh sunscreen every year as lotions do “go bad” (I believe they’re required to hold their strength for 3 years, but heat and contamination will shorten this.) Labeling here indicates these are items from last year. Current labeling does not permit claims of “waterproof”. While these lotions are most likely still good, they were manufactured before Dec of '12 and will expire sooner.

How do these products hold up in comparison to say, identical products from the dollar tree? I get sun burnt a lot lol.

As far as the labeling goes, this picture could just be a stock photo. (Although, I’m not a woot expert and maybe they take all their own photos.) I know Amazon’s photo also says waterproof, but that does not mean you won’t get the newest version. Just a thought…I didn’t see anything in the specs saying the age of these items.

Anybody have personal experience with this compared to the spray cans in most retail stores? I know for us personally we empty one can in a single application (6 person family)… with a price of 6-8 dollars a can, that adds up during the summer runs to the pool. I would jump on this if the spray cans go further than the usual banana boat, etc cans do.

And who doesn’t have problems with “heel cold sores”? Those are the WORST kind of cold sores!

I do distance cycling and use a lot of sunscreen. This seems like a poor bargain - you can get SPF90 at about these prices at a big box stores and better if it’s on sale.

The expiration date thing seems silly - I often use “expired” suncreen without a problem.

Most “use by” dates on consumer products are just there to increase sales as is a lot of the current debate:

For anyone with a Wegmans market around them, they have their own label package that’s worth jumping on. Two 50 SPF Sport Sunscreen cans and a Sunscreen Stick for $9.99.