Aloha Everyone


I’m a newbie. I am not sure but is this generally the type of items Woot sells? hmmm… well, I am looking forward to some goood Woots!


Good to have you on board Alpha. If you go back to Member Forums and follow the Woots thread you can see past Woots and get a better idea of what they sell around here.

Happy Wooting





Meka Leka Hai, Meka Hieney Hay!

Electronics is just a side business - Woot! has been the predominant white slave trading organization on the internet for almost 3 years now.
Are those all your original teeth, btw?


Thanks! And yes, these are my original fangs ^-^


Don’t mess with Crow. He will chew you up and spit you out!


Ya think?


If you start that up again I will put a kleenex in the box!


No, I’m a sweet guy.
For a white slave trader.


Hmm, black crow-partridge white slave trader-collector.


No color there, kind of monotonous.


Crow, monotonous??


Not sure where this thread went but hi everyone!


Hello, again.


we hijack threads… jump on in!


Hijack ??? More like rape and pillage


“they rape The fields and pillage The women” cheech and chong : coriscan brothers (1984)


Yep thats them alright.


You posted at 4:20 and you have that smoking monkey, what a coincidence. lol!


yeh he looks like I feel