Alpen Trail-Tec 8×28 Binocular


Amazon has these new for $29.99 (list, $100).

My neighbor has these, he said they work great. Then he advised me to get the mole on my back checked out.

So peeping toms are located mostly on the eastern side of the US…
They are migrating

I’ma buy these for the next woot off, so I can spot how far off my next monkey is… come on monkey

Got these on a prior woot. Of the two that I bought, one had a corroded battery, but they give you a spare. Replaced the original with the spare and it worked fine. Pretty good value for the price.

Darling, don’t you monkey with the monkey
Monkey, monkey, monkey
Don’t you know you’re going to spot the monkey

Apologies to Peter Gabriel.

I don’t know why I’m buying these cause I know I probably aint gonna use em… But its a good deal!