Alpen Trail-Tec 8×28 Binocular

any reviews?

$35 on amazon?

use this to see if you can spot when it will sellout

I helped on the cheap crappy pic clock for this. Good night!

12.99 at amazon with free shipping… Think not

Lamesauce :confused:

My general rule of thumb on novelty stuff like this is button cell batteries = Cracker Jack box-worthy.

I got these from woot awhile ago. They were stolen by my date who uses the heck out of them on the kayak or canoe.

I watched her giggle with them at Crater Lake this summer when she was watching a Condor and some bald eagles.

The button cell is only for the digital compas so it has to be replaced about once a year.

At an alpine lake she shot 3 directional bearings so we could find our tent in the woods from the lake.