Well, this is totally irresistible.

Oh, goody! So now maybe, just maybe, between yesterday’s alphabet shirt and today’s shirt, I will finally learn how to read!!! Yay! C is for CAT and that’s all right with me!

More like alphabetacats though that seems more like a wolf joke… Nice double win.

Does this count as proof that cats can read and they lie on newspapers for a reason besides stubborness.

Dooomcat double header! Congratulations!

They are all purrrfect cat poses as well. :slight_smile:

Cats Rule and Dogs Drool once again, and now we have the scientific evidence for cat.shirt.woot. to keep those alpha cats ruling:

When do we get random shirts?

I finally got a woot shirt quilt for my son! Be jealous, I sure am! I really wish I could post a photo.

The only question in my mind was whether we’d see the ninjas or the cats first. Two great tees. :^)

Woot! Three days in a row!.. everyone’s going to be sick of me (inevitable next shirt: the infernal combination of cat-ninjas!)

OMG, I really wish you could. I just learned how to make one, so all those Woot shirts my son grew out of won’t go to waste!

I express my 5 year-old’s sadness at the current lack of K6 shirts.

Grats on the double win! :smiley: I had a feeling! heh

First day sales : 511