AlphaWorks 2250 Watt Inverter Generator

AlphaWorks 2250 Watt Inverter Generator

so is fuel capacity 1.1 gallons or .7 gallons?

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The picture makes it look pretty big next to the Rv …. It ain’t. …. Beauty of photo editing. Check the dimensions.

Very impressive posting. It has a cuberator! Thats got to be a must buy item for this generator.
Also if you look at the dimensions, its likely its 20" tall and 12.5" wide, otherwise some great image trickery.
67 dB is not super quiet. 48-50 is super honda quiet. 67 dBA is loud talking, vacuum cleaner level of noisy.

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Fuel tank is 1.1.
For safety, max fill is .7.

Same thing on the manufacturer’s site.

Generators have two power ratings - running and surge. Is the 2250 watts advertised for this inverter generator the running or surge rating? And whichever one it is, what is the other?

Obviously if the surge rating is 2250 watts then you don’t want to keep that much of a constant load on it, so it would be important to know what the running load is.

Conversely, if the running load is 2250 watts it would be helpful to know what the surge load is so you don’t accidently overload it trying to start a high-load appliance.

48-50 dB on a Honda EU2200i more like it is at an idle… lets try more like 57dB when you power it up. Unless you have some new super model ? ‘’ a normal voice decibel level is anywhere between 50 and 65 decibels . Sounds like that are not harmful to the ear, even if you are regularly exposed to them’’ …‘’ ‘‘Most single stage vacuums are 79 dB or more , but we have a few that are quieter at 77-78 dB’’ So if you vacuum is 67 dBA then that Sounds like a keeper. (pun intended) All that said…there is little doubt that Honda is a premium generator and we all would love to have one. But for a price tag of around $1,099.00 you could buy 3 of these generators and still have some pocket change left.

It is listed on Woot as ‘’* (2) 5V 1A-2A USB Ports, all at a Max Output Current of 15Amps at 2250Watt Max’’ Running watts was a little harder to find…looks like 1,800 Running Watts. (found at : AlphaWorks Generator Inverter Case 2250 Watts Super Quiet (2) 120VAC 60Hz Sockets (1) 12V DC Outlet Model : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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If you miss out on this deal…I got this Ryobi as a refurb for less then $320 and it has a lot more bells and whistles …like Bluetooth and I start it every 4 or 5 months with just one or two pulls. RYOBI 2,300-Watt Recoil Start Bluetooth Super Quiet Gasoline Powered Digital Inverter Generator with CO Shutdown Sensor-RYi2322VNM - The Home Depot

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Where’d you get the refurb?

My guess is direct tools

If you are hesitating because this is an unknown name gen, then here is a possible alternative with near identical specs, currently for $385 with free shipping:

The nice thing about the WEN inverter generators is they have a dedicated “fuel shut off” position on the main control knob so you can run the carburetor dry before storing it. I have the 56235i and it takes around 5 minutes to run out the fuel in carb, but at least I know it’s better for the motor when I don’t use it for long periods of time. That is the reason why the WEN units don’t specifically state "less than 10% ethanol) for their fuel - with no fuel in the carb bowl you don’t have to worry about the ethanol deteriorating your gaskets and seals when stored.

Frankly, whatever unit anyone decides on these are a great tool to have for emergencies, camping, powering tools at a job site, or even just for power at the far end of your back yard when you might need it.

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Good guess. Yes , DirectToolsOutlet Site they are all out now. Home Depot also has Refurbs sometimes online.