AlphaWorks 3G Fogger Machine

AlphaWorks 3G Fogger Machine

Does it kill the covid?

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Yes, rather than injecting the disinfectant, with this fogger you can simply inhale the disinfectant and clear it out of your body just like that.


Or rectually!


Does this work against grouchy coworkers?

But you already left Woot.

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I need to go clean out my desk at woot one of these days.

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I already called dibs on some of the stuff.

It’s too late for that. Mortimer and Monte had it all sent to Texas and it’s been put into bags of crap.

You’re confusing Ajit with @R0naIdRayGun

No, I think it’s just standard practice to toss in whatever’s left behind by a former employee. And probably current employees.