Alpine Touchscreen Digital Media Station w/iPod Connection

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Alpine Touchscreen Digital Media Station w/iPod Connection
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Alpine IXA-W404 Double DIN Touchscreen Car Digital Media Station w/iPod Connection

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cnet review

how do i know if this fits in me car?

iPod connect… sweet! Assume that works with iPhone 3GS!?

Here it is at Amazon

Is this compatible with Sansa?

My Alpine 9853 worked well for about a year. Then the faceplate started acting up and would stop working because it would vibrate going down the road so it’d lose connection. Then the remote control (same one on this Woot) has to be smacked against something 10-15 times before it’ll work. New batteries don’t help it.

here is a video of it in action

Product Website

Link to Manufacturer’s product page

Wow, 1st time ever I’ve seen something like this on woot. I’d so be in if it fit my car.

“Double DIN” means it’s the standard size for “oversize” car audio/video (4"Hx7"W). It’s 2x the size of a “standard” car radio (2"Hx7"W). It should fit exactly in the dash of many (more or less) upscale European cars. (Japanese cars, YMMV. 'Merkin cars, all bets are off.)

The beauty of standard DIN sizes: once, I had a VW Golf, and literally pulled off the dash fascia, pulled out the junky radio, and pushed in a Blaupunkt, and pushed the dash fascia back on. No tools required, and it looked like it was made for the car. Of course, some months later, the thieves took it out even faster.

Any suggestions for the best speaker system to utilize with this device?..

I was thinking of going to best buy to replace the stereo in the truck, and then I saw this pretty thing on Woot!, but I think with installation, getting new speakers, etc… this may actually cost a lot more to do separately.

It is pretty though…


its so shiny!

Will this actually charge your iPod while it is plugged in, or does that require additional cables?

There is NO CD or DVD drive, just so you all know. I bet someone b!tch@s about it later.

Demo video at YouTube

and Crutchfield video

before you buy, make sure that this head unit is compatible with your car.