Alpine Touchscreen Digital Media Station w/iPod Connection

I noticed a usb slot does it recognize a directory structure and allow you cycle through folders on the drive?

PDF Manual…


Uhhh… Radio tuner sold sep.?!
Something this big should have CD, radio, mp3 storage and make me toast in the morning…

for the majority of cars, you’ll need to buy a wiring harness to install it. that requires crimping/soldering together the given wiring harness and the one for your make/model. you can check whether it fits your car by going to Crutchfield and seeing if code DD fits your car.

does this have powered outputs for speakers or is an external amp required?

A lot of times I refresh my page at midnight only to be severely disappointed: another buyer fail.

Often I sigh and close my browser after seeing a medium-sized, middling-brand 720p tv or a refurbed de-branded monitor or a computer my grandparents would be ashamed to use etc.

This is one of the coolest items I have ever seen on Woot. If I had a car that could use this, I would buy one.

You know, this really isn’t that great a deal. For just a little more you can walk into a store and buy one that already has Bluetooth and GPS. Add those on to this one and it costs more than $600.

And, really, $320 is not a ‘deal’ on a GPS add-on.

Nope its 50w x 4

no amp needed

Everyone, PLEASE make sure this will fit in your vehicle BEFORE you buy it! Use the Crutchfield link a few posts up.

Not all vehicles have double-DIN slots and this headunit REQUIRES it.

If you have a Civic, it’s probably not going to fit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also keep in mind the deck does NOT have a deatchable face and cannot be removed without unscrewing it from your dash, so if you live in the city and theft is an issue because you park on the street or whatever, I recommend you pass.

$200 gone 'cos your deck gets jacked and ~$200 on a new window. Womp womp.

None of the embedded links in the blog part to are working for me.

exactly. This thing just looks perrdy, thats it.

Seems like it would just be easier to buy a new car

finally; an alpine that won’t skip…actually, alpine car audio units are the only ones i’ll put into my cars; love the ergonomics of the controls…the brand is money…

Thanks for the link - just saved me two hundred bucks!!

Very helpful post!

The wiring harness doesn’t require crimping or soldering… a simple twist of the cables and some electrical tape will suffice as will cable “couplers” (sold for about $2 for a box of 20 at your local Hardware store). I’ve done 6 stereo installs for myself and my friends and only used the twist and tape method and all six are still playing music today.

hmmm… the sweetheart deal seems to be a dead link… whats the Spiecal deal?

hmm i would be in for one if it still played those old fashioned round shiney things… what are they called… oh yeah… CD’s…

or i could just buy a 16GB flash drive and USB extension cable…

What to do!

this is for hd radio or satellite radio this unit has an am/fm built in you can clearly see the antenna in on the rear of the unit

pass. No cd/mp3, dvd, player. This deck only has the ability to play music off a mp3 player. I would like to have the option to play mp3’s off a cd or dvd.

good woot item, just not for me at this time.

SWEET I think this is worth more than my whole car.

Should get this and new speakers - then I’d have a sweet system in a crappy car.

Beware the touch screen isn’t all that great on this Alpine.