Alpine Touchscreen Digital Media Station w/iPod Connection

It’s double DIN, so it’s pretty big. I’ve always liked Crutchfield’s site when trying to find what’ll fit my vehicles.
Try this: Crutchfield Outfit Me Car
Put in all the info about your car and it should tell you the dimensions of the stock stereo and give you a list of what’ll fit. Compare the dimensions or look to see if it lists and double DIN sized receivers.

I don’t think crutchfield is selling this unit currently, but they do have a compatible back-up cam!

Wow, what a nice toy to give to car radio thieves! Probably slides right out for them. Hope you all have good car alarms.

Ah nuts, you beat me to it. I stand defeated…


People, please do not splice wires and tape over them. That is super hood and will lead to problems later.

Either crimp it to your chassis wiring (still ghetto–why are you going to hack up your perfectly good harness?), buy a conversion harness from Best Buy and crimp/solder it to the harness included with the deck (better), or buy plug-and-play harnesses from Metra (best and easiest solution, but most costly).

I used to install these for a living. Don’t Mickey Mouse it. Can’t even begin to tell you how many decks had “problems” that were fixed as soon as we soldered the harnesses together (we never crimped anything).


Dash kits (you will most likely need this if you have a stock deck):

You can also buy them from Crutchfield if you hate Best Buy for whatever reason.

Car speakers are simpler to buy than home speakers. Only certain ones will fit. Generally, you should use replacements the same size as the ones already in the car, unless you want to drop some serious cash on custom installation. Also, check the depth: if the old speakers are 2.5" deep, new 3" deep ones may not fit.

I used to work in a high-end stereo store that sold car stereos, and I could never tell customers this (because they wouldn’t believe me), but it’s basically true:

Once you have the size right, it’s a good rule of thumb to just use the most expensive speakers you can afford. Up to around $50 per speaker, you generally get sound that everyone can agree is better, by spending more. Just pick a budget and get the best speakers you can afford under it.

But unless you’re a serious tweak-o-phile (true: I have almost always had speakers worth more than my car, and do now), spending over $50 per speaker is probably a waste: you’re unlikely to hear the difference.

If you really want to spend a few extra bucks, get a subwoofer.

And if the store doesn’t want to give you a better deal (they should), they may at least give you free installation. There is absolutely no harm in trying to bargain, even at a big chain store.

so if it says my mini cooper isnt researched…does that mean it will not fit…

Again, I have done 6 stereo installs this way and all 6 of the radios have had no issues. It’s not the method, just the quality that matters.

I wouldn’t expect a “professional” installer to understand because they are used to installing stereos for customers in under 30 minutes and charging 3/4ths of the cost of the head unit to install.


It most likely won’t. I’ve driven a few Minis through car-share services and it probably requires some sort of crazy dash kit, assuming it will even fit.

You’ll also probably need to re-wire the speakers since the Mini probably has some sort of “premium sound” system.

Check Crutchfield and/or Best Buy’s site for fitment options. If you can’t get an answer from either one, you can try calling a local car stereo shop in the morning for advice.

Also, these things start at around $280 on eBay, so $200 seems like a good deal:

I want one and I don’t even have a car. Is there instructions to mount this to a bicycle somewhere?

I love alpine, and I love woot, but this is not a great deal. I spent a little more than this and got an elcipse head, minus the touch screen, but does everything else, plus mp3 cd, and full Bluetooth (both for music and phone)

my iPhone is jailbroken and I installed the accessory screen bypass so the touchscreen on the head means nothing to me

just a word of warning, figure out what you want to do with it and price everything out, usually can get a better deal at your local car audio shop (not best buy)

just my 2 cents worth

if you are suggesting you have used electrical tape on install then you are crazy and just asking for a short. as above the best way is to buy a premade/plug and play harness. soldering is second best with heat shrink tubing. third best option is crimping. twisting crap together and taping over it is never a solution.

I really wish that this would fit in my car. This is precisely what I would like to install.

it looks pretty and would definitely take care of my ipod/iphone hookup needs but i can’t pull the trigger on a unit that does not play CDs and does not have a detachable face. this is just screaming for a break-in and i don’t want to make myself a target.

all you need is a 12vdc power source and some speakers and you can mount it anywhere you want.

After checking and seeing that it will indeed fit my car, the Crutchfield site also told me that this unit is discontinued. Maybe that’s why this is such a good deal…

The “quality” of the installation is compromised when you’re splicing wires and taping over them. They can come loose and cause all sorts of problems, and can lead to other issues like electrical shorts that can damage the deck and possibly other electronics on the car. You end up doing the job twice when you could have done it correctly the first time. Using plug-and-play harnesses is even faster than being ghetto and splicing and taping.

Not a good look. Do it right–use conversion harnesses or solder it.

Sorry, I’m with kazama on this one, that’s great you got away with ghetto 6 times, still doesn’t mean it’s a good idea and everyone should do it. If you’re doing that many installs, spend the $10 on a cheap soldering iron and do it right, and spend the $20 for a wiring harness, it’s worth it in the wrong run.

HD radio tuner (and Sirius module) sold separately. That’s not the same as regular radio, which should be included.

Also, it’s big because it’s meant to fit cars with that size hole in the dash (2-DIN), which is fairly common.

I’m cautiously tempted, myself.

I agree with you (and everyone else that’s said it) that the best and quickest way is to buy a wiring harness. (They are readily available from Best Buy, Auto Zone, etc.)

I will stand by my 6 installs (as will the car owners) and say that you statement about “asking” for a short is unequivically FALSE. Anyone that has done electrical wiring in a house can attest to this… those wires are a much heavier gauge and carry more current and the use of twist caps and electrical tape is standard practice.

Agree to disagree.