ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad

This was the best camping purchase I have ever made. Well ok my coffeepot was the best but this comes in second. More insulation than an air mattress and far easier to inflate. I will never camp without one again. I have the XL version which is nice and thick. Makes sleeping on the ground almost comfortable.

These are super comfortable, but the “Mountaineering” label shouldn’t be applied to something so heavy.

I bought one of the “Long” size in a prior deal. Took it tent camping a few weeks ago. Very comfortable, but not really packable. You can’t fold these in half like some, and they don’t are pretty heavy. So I would definitely not classify these are for backpacking, or even camping where you have to hike an significant distance.

Also, you may want to air it out before you go camping, there was some type of chemical smell when I first unrolled it, but it dissipated pretty quickly.