Alps Sportswear Oriana Cardigan

None in large? Sorry…

And XL = 18? And that’s as big as it gets? Woot doesn’t seem to value fat women. Maybe my money isn’t good enough for them.

I doubt that’s the case… I wish they had larger, too, though. I’m sure it’s just harder for them to get a good deal on plus sizes.

Maybe. But they seem to find bigger sizes for male clothing.

True. :\

Besides, it wouldn’t be an official Woot-off without endless complaints.

Point! :wink: I’ve only found one thing I liked… and it was the first thing I saw (Burr grinder).

This truly sucks wool…or something. An 18 is XL? Only clothing I would have bought just for me and you don’t even have my size. So, by noon tomorrow I expect to be able to purchase a Coach bag of my choice for the same price or you could just remember that tall women count too.