Altec Lansing ADA745 95 watt 4.1 Speaker Set


Greetings From Sunny South Florida!

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Thanks but I already have my “mystery” speaker set from many Woots ago. Night all…


No need for more speakers. Nice woot though.


I have these, and have had no problems with them


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Altec Lansing ADA745 95 watt 4.1 Speaker Set
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Altec Lansing ADA 745 - 5 piece 4.1 95W Speaker System


Any good???


Ha! I had this for a year and it died! Bad woot! Don’t get it!


I have this set. Not overly impressive but it gets the job done. Generally pleasing.


More speakers…what am I gonna do with more speakers??? Oh, well, to bed I go…


Nice speakers…looking for 5.1 though. But still a great brand!


Nice woot… Altec Lansing speakers can pump out some quality sound… best speakers to buy if youre lookin for a cheap system.


not bad but dont need have a pair relly good sound night all


4.1? wheres the center speaker?


Looks like the “mystery” speakers, with the center speaker missing.

It’s also the same price as the “mystery” speakers.



Haha, sorry. I already have surround sound. What i can tell you is that my alternate computer has the same speakers, just in a 2 set. They sound alright, nothing flashy, but nothing bad.


seems competitively priced…
Will post more later


lowest froogle $39


dude ~! you getting a De##…


“…and they’re so easy to set up, every time we walk through the warehouse we set up a few on accident.”

– this is why I keep coming back. Hilarious.