Altec Lansing ADA745 95 watt 4.1 Speaker Set



Wow, the fist buyer bought it in -9 seconds! And 50 of them sold in about 10 seconds. Either that, or woot is a bit buggy.


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here


I have these and they’re really good. Nice woot!


Wow… Blink on that one and its gone!


what a deal!


NOOOOOOOO I WANTED THEM AND I COULD’VE GOTTEN THEM… why did a) I have to froogle first and b) my supervisor walk by, wasting precious seconds as I hurriedly minimized the woot window?


didn’t even see it before it was gone… and that was with the updater… tear


OMG!!! I’ve been up 12 hours waiting for the next speakers to come along and BAM!!! before I could get from the WootOffCountDown site to hit the I Want One button, the little suckers were GONE! WAAAAHHH!!! I want my speakers!!! I need a nap! Somebody spank me! (Can I say that?)


yes it is, considering thats a refurb, and they want $16 shipping…


Been here since June 2005. This is my first woot purchase.

I didn’t even read the description. I’ve seen these before so I just jumped on them. They would cost you over $100 with shipping from Amazon.

I have a second PC that is in serious need of having the speakers replaced. This is perfect.

If I was home and not at work I’d be kickin back right now with my feet up smokin my after woot smoke. :slight_smile:


Nards! Those went fast! I was reading the description when BOOM! They were gone. Oh, well…I need new speakers, but I probably shouldn’t buy them now anyway.



I’m sotototallyjealous


If you order two its cheaper at with link in above posts and also coupon SHIP295 which expires today & gives you $2.95 shipping on $49+ orders. two for $62.95


GEEKS is selling a refurbished set…it was posted a couple back. You can’t really effectively compare prices when you look at new to used.


If anyone bought these and doesn’t want them please PM me


I hooked them up tonight. They sounded great at first. I cranked them up to almost half way and one of the speakers popped. It’s not totally gone but I can here the crackling and it’s a litle annoying now. Good thing they’re hooked up to my backup 'puter and were so cheap. Or else I’d be pissed. Still listenable but you should be able to crank them to at least half way without worry about blowing one.

Ah well. Be warned it you got’em.


First if you crank them to half, and your PC volume is set to half you are effectively giving the speakers a full load. I have my speakers at half, the PC volume at around 1/8 of the way up and then about 16% on Winamp and it sounds fantastic. If I take it to half on my PC, 50% on Winamp and half on the speakers it’s very VERY loud.

I honestly can’t be happier with these speakers and how good they sound.