Altec Lansing Expressionist Plus 2.1 Speaker System


The hamster had a heart attack

aw bs browser timed out on boc



No RBoC :frowning:

WTF, buttafuoco! 3 times I tried and 3 times it gave buttafuoco invalid !? WTF is buttafuoco

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Woot hates me…

I wonder if I buy this, I’ll get a bag of crap instead. . . .


Woot crashes too much when crap bags come up.

No BOC for me :frowning:

I wonder if I buy this, I’ll get a bag of crap instead. . . .

bs woot i stayed up all night for the bag of crap then u kick me off the server… shame on you…

i always get f’d on bag of carp! what do people usually get in them anyways?

Oh woot… I click and waited for the bag o crap… but nothing… server errors… waiting… dame you woot…

Woot needs better servers. I hate being able to see the BOC but not buying. I smell a rat.

I am so frustrated… I had it in my hands but it gave me an error that my info wasnt right… if you have 2 woot tabs up at once does that prevent you from getting a boc? my info is correct!

First I miss the phones I needed to replace because of school pick-ups, then I get locked out of the BoC… Darn you Woot!

Been around a while. Have been AT the pc hitting refresh for 9 BoC’s.

Have never gotten one. Always sold out, or page cannot be found. And I’m clicking as SOON as the thing loads.

I hate this site.