Altec Lansing Expressionist Plus 2.1 Speaker System

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Just picked up this same system for my self, great sound from this little guy!

If you’re interested, here’s an article on the history of Altec Lansing from Audio Heritage.

bought these from woot a couple months ago or so… they work very well. Unfortunately they were $49.99 then so yeah you should get them for this price! lol

I own this system (got one free to review), and it’s a great deal at this price. The satellites could be a lot better but they’re okay (especially at this price). I don’t like that in order to adjust the bass and turn the unit on and off you must reach down to wherever you’ve put the subwoofer. If it’s out of the way, that’s where you’ll have to reach. But again, at this price that shouldn’t be a deal stopper. Also, because the floor-facing sub speaker is unprotected, be sure to take extra care when unboxing the unit lest you poke a finger through it. I’ve used it with rock, classical (including opera), and for watching Netflix instant watch movies via a laptop in bed, and the sound is very good for all the above. I’d say you can’t go wrong at this price.

Are these just for your computer, or would they work well with a TV and Xbox?

I think it kind of stinks that I paid 12 dollars more for this last time it was offered. I got two of them too. damn.

Oh, and btw, I love them!

From the item description: “AUX IN Jack for connecting portable CD, DVD and MP3 players makes setup simple and easy.” They work with pretty much any device that has audio out. Input is a standard 3.5mm jack.

For the XBOX 360, you can either plug into a controller, or mod the console.

Here’s the updated Product Page.

The manual is now here.

I bought these from woot a couple months back. They arrived defective, with the sound cutting out every 30 seconds for a bit. Fairly annoying. Altec customer service was a pain in the ass to deal with. Required shipping be paid to send the broken set back (despite that they mentioned these were non-repairable) so that a new set could be sent.

Would these work for a big screen TV or would something else be better?

No headphone jacks. Deal breaker for me to use at work.

Same here, but I don’t mind too much since I got a lot of use out of them over that time. But yeah, great price for these.

There is definitely a noticeable hiss when these things are on and nothing is playing (unnoticeable when something is playing). Definitely not a deal breaker though if you are looking for a 2.1 system.

I got these off Woot! about two months ago as well, at the $45 price. They have been worth the money, and are a definite deal at this price. Though I find the buttons kind of annoying; the power button is on the subwoofer, and is also the subwoofer’s volume adjustment knob, and the volume adjustment on the satellites is actually a pair of buttons that you press, instead of a knob that you twist. Not sure who thought that one up, its a little weird to use, but I just set them close to the volume I want and use the computer’s volume controls to fine tune it. Sound quality is good, and they would probably be alright for a television (if your TV has a 3.5mm jack for sound output), though they might be a little quieter than desired in a large room. If you want a ‘serious’ audio setup, then spend more money to get a beefier system. If you just need a decent set of speakers, definitely consider these.

Sure would be nice if WOOT would let me buy these-- I’m clicking I WANT ONE and getting their server error page.

EDIT: Ok, it finally went thru. Sheesh! Mildly reminiscent of attempting to procure a BOC.

Computers have separate headphone jacks. And you can just unplug if you’re using some other, portable device.

I own a set and agree completely!

if you really wanted to, most tv’s nowadays have audio output in the form of 3.5mm. i have a samsung LCD and there is an audio output from the tv. i don’t know if these speakers will sound good for a “big screen” in the living room. the drivers and power are just not that big enough, unless you have a big screen in a tiny dorm room or something…