Altec Lansing inMotion iMplus iPod Audio System


Altec Lansing inMotion iMplus iPod Audio System - Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Item qty: 1300, Last Order: 6:45 AM CST, Wooter to blame: jlishern
Order Pace: 0m 18.751s, Woot Wage: $9,614.05/hour.


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Best thing since Ogg Vorbis? Worse than tin cans? Maybe these quality posts will help you decide:
[]p2, Purest says “Great for a bedroom, bathroom, office or smaller living room.”
]p2, stinhoutx has some details for Nano adapters.
[]p2, techwolf may have uncovered Woot’s secret strategy.
]p2, rxbike offers up product specifications.
[]p4, LoadStar tells us it works with video iPods and Minis.
]p5, mspielman warns of discouraging reviews.




This is half the price at Costco!

I’m in like flynn, playah!


Now this is a great woot! Nice job guys.


I think ill get one


10 bucks cheaper than the cheapest place on froogle…Nice. Too bad I’m broke :frowning:


Wow this is an awesome woot
Id get it… maybe for gift because i dont have an ipod :frowning:


is this a good deal?


still waiting 4 my ipod. :slight_smile:


Finally, a NEW item.


The button is boucning…it’s sold out already!!! lol ill pass


if they threw in a ipod for an extra 5 bucks id be in. wooooooooooooootsiiiiiiiiide


First I need an IPOD. lol

Great woot though.


If Woot would have sold an iPod first I might be interested.


I have an iPod, but the boomtube does just fine.


thanks woot! this is exactly what i wanted for belated christmas!


I’ve already got a 500 watt stereo i can plug my iPod into…


Anyone know if this works with gen 5 ipods? not bad woot if it does

It doesn’t support gen 5 (ipod with video) other than through the rca -> headphone plug

Good woot for older ipods


the quality on the system is questionable i wouldnt buy it but the bose one ont he other hand sounds great so do others but i cant recomened this one