Altec Lansing inMotion Kick Speaker for iPod & iPhone

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Altec Lansing inMotion Kick Speaker for iPod & iPhone
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Perfect match for the iPod everyone bought yesterday lol


amazon have it the same price + free shipping

Meh, I was looking for a speaker for my iphone and listened to it at a store and was not impressed. It may be ok for some people, but I passed on it at a store and will pass on it tonight.

Hah I already have one of those sitting on my desk. You can ask my neighbors how good it is ;D

Bought one of these two months ago, and for the price the sound is excellent. Is it in the same league as a Bose dock? No. Is it a fraction of the cost? Yes. Also, I never thought I would use the portable nature of it, but it’s great for sharing music with my roommates, or for having outside for doing lawnwork. If you want, feel free to ask me questions about it, I can answer them in the morning.

EDIT - I have the 620, not the 520. Only difference I can see is that mine has the radio/antenna on it. I like that, but I’m an NPR whore.

Sound is surprisingly good for a dock this small. It is, however, heavier than you expect, thanks to the battery. I paid a lot more than this for mine when these first came out. Don’t need another one, though.

Wow. Just… wow. Excellent marketing strategy. I see what you did there, selling people the speaker for the iPod Touch they bought yesterday. Is this some strange, twisted part of “microtransactions”? Well played Woot! Well played.

I don’t understand this. All we get is higher priced (cost of shipping) Amazon left overs. Woot has gone hill since the big A bought it…

It’s a different model.

Think not… this is IM520, perhaps you’re looking at IM320?

Refurb direct from Altec Lansing here at 88 bucks:

So, pretty good price, w00t!

Here’a a video and some reviews.

The 49.99 model on Amazon does not have the rechargeable battery or a remote.

Will this get my illegitimate son to love me more?

Amazon has the iMT320 for same price and the iMT620 for double the price. No model iMT520. Period.

Anybody know the difference between this imt520 and the imt620 that Amazon has?

Nope. Amazon has the IMT320 for the same price — different model, lower specs (Two 2" full-range drivers vs. Two 3" full-range drivers). The one with comparable specs at Amazon (the IMT620) is twice the price.

Suggested retail price at AL is US$ 129. See product page at

Is this compatible with the ipod touch 4th Generation? The product description says only compatible with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gen. The product website says only 1st and 2nd. If it’s not compatible with 4th Gen, the ipod from yesterday won’t work with this. Here’s the product website:

FM radio, 620 has it 520 no.