Altec Lansing inMotion Kick Speaker for iPod & iPhone

When I wanted something like this a few months ago, I went for a Logitech s715i. About twice the price, but an awesome piece of equipment, and the tech reviewers agree with me on that!

If the permalink feature works, here is my review of the Logitech unit:

And if you are so unenlightened that you consider cnet a more reliable reviewer than me, here is the cnet review.

You’ll shell out more for the Logitech, but I believe you will be pleased.

Video link is not the same model.


Best buy is selling the exact same model for 129.99 so for Less than half price, I’d say this is a solid deal.

Glad to make this my first woot purchase!

May purchase simply for the Zlad reference. Ride with me away, baby, we doesn’t have much time!

iWootazon, is it where I am or with whom I come into contact? Personal audio is about headphones. I’d really like some great headphones, short cord to go with all those Sansa mp3 players we used to see. Bluetooth that works without cutting out at a great price would be nifty. Or just how 'bout some good old fashioned geek stuff?!

That video is not the device being offered tonight.

one difference i know of is that the imt520 doesn’t charge your ipod and the imt620 does. i have the 520, works well.

Pretty good speakers. My mom has a set and they sound nice and its great that they are portable, its easy to bring around the house and have a nice ipod dock and a good radio. For $50 its a steal.

It has a good set of features, is nice build quality, and can do things beside just hold an ipod.

I actually had a Bose Wave II and sold it because it honestly sounds terrible, and actually preferred using this Altec system.

I’m ready to take Woot at it’s word “works with ALL iPods” in spite of the fact that the manufacturer says iPod 1st and 2nd gen.

im pretty sure thats an ipod touch on the picture and not an iphone does that mean i can have it ? :smiley:

According to the Best Buy description, this DOES charge your device also.

Can anyone elaborate on how this would compare sound-wise to a JBL On Stage micro? My sister has one and it always sounds so good for its size. The few battery powered speaker docks I’ve heard make me think the JBL is the best. But this is so much more affordable. Who has experience with both and which would you choose?

I agree. I noticed that too.

Damn, bought the Moondance just a couple of weeks ago for $10 less. Regret!

Will this charge your iPod when it’s running on it’s rechargable batteries?..or only when you have it plugged in to an outlet?

I have the eeriest feeling this is a dumb question, for some reason. Oh well, I’m going to post it anyway.

Page 12 of the IMT520 manual says that it DOES charge - even when the speaker system is off. Manual is available at:

Only when plugged in. Page 12 of the manual.

According to the manufacturer’s gallery pictures for the 520 it does show it having FM radio. The pic is 2nd from the right.

would’ve been all over this if it was a clock/alarm/speaker/dock