Altec Lansing iPod/iPhone Speaker



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Altec Lansing iPod/iPhone Speaker
$73.99 + $5 Standard OR Free OR Free Shipping
Condition: New

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so quite in here.


This will be obsolete as soon as the new iPhone comes out. And since everyone who owns an iPhone runs out and buys the new one the second it comes out, I imagine this is going to take awhile.


Heh, my son and I are still quite happy with our iPhone 3GS.


How am I going to buy this without the negative comments ? In for one.


It sucks. Buy 3. :tongue:


I have two of these and they’re really good. The dock doesn’t work with my iPhone 4s, but I use them in the backyard for movie night using the aux jack. They put out a LOT of sound, the bass is pretty decent for so small a system.




Stare at the bacon


The rumor is that the iPhone 5 is going to have a new dock connector which will make all these accessories obsolete if you plan on getting the new iPhone.


I have this and I don’t have any iPaidTooMuch gadgets. Great sound…I hook it up to my mp3 player using the auxiliary cable. This was one of my first Woot purchases over five years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite things. If you’re looking for full rich sound and you don’t want to spend big bucks on those Bose thingys, get this.


Even if the new iPhone has a different docking size, they will sell $5 adapters to fit all of the older accessories.

Won’t they???..


This says they can’t ship it outside the US because of lithium batteries. Does it have rechargeable batteries in it so you could use it say on the beach?


That’s actually pretty funny because the battery is a small 2032 button cell for the remote, that’s all