Altec Lansing iPod/iPhone Speaker

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Altec Lansing iPod/iPhone Speaker
$73.99 + $5 Standard OR Free OR Free Shipping
Condition: New

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No, it won’t work with your M****ac. Or iPhone 5.

Can anyone tell me how this sounds? I have bought a couple of IPod / IPhone docks and they sound pretty bad with no ability to turn up the volume enough for use at a party, etc. is this a good iPod docking speaker system?

This looks exactly like the Altec Lansing m604, which was the Zune compatible version. Woot sold that version 5 years ago for $39.99. Not sure where they get the balls to charge so much for this, but I will say the Zune version sounds very good.


Better known as Apple’s Law… Not to be confused with Newton’s 2nd Law.

Wow this was great. Wonder what is next? Floor Mats for my Ford Pinto? Maybe a case of tapes for my BETAMAX VCR. Does the word Iphone 5 mean anything WOOT? LOL

Funny thing is that nobody has one yet. Many people won’t upgrade for quite a while.

Then again, we always offer dated merchandise so it’s really nothing new. :tongue:

Floor mats for Pinto. I’ll put that on the wish list.

Come OOOONNNNN!!! Next item please…!!

The secret to making these sales move faster is to buy 3. :tongue:

I dint buy even one… Totally worthless Speaker!!

Well that’s not a very wootery attitude.

Offer me a Samsung Galaxy S III dock and I’ll bite!

I was “seizing the opportunity” for some levity. But I am afraid we will be seeing alot of Non Compatible Iphone stuff in the upcoming days. We need a WootOff on the New Lighting to Old Style Iphone Plug adapter!!

BTW, as to the comment “many people will not upograde for a while” maybe because they cant get one. 2 Million Sold in the first hour (and I believe that was just the Apple Stores) tells me that “we be upgrading”. LOL

Sweet! Now if WOOT will just list one that has an ANDROID dock (micro USB) I might actually consider it.

Don’t forget that I collect wish lists for the buyers during woot-offs.

Give me some specific models and I’ll add them to the wish list.

I almost forgot. How about “touch up paint for my DeLorean”?

Hey TT can you add the RIBZ front pack to the list?

here is a link

I see what you did there.