Altec Lansing Octiv Mini Speaker System for iPhone & iPod - 2 Pack

Its cheaper on Amazon right now, with free shipping.

[STAFF: This is for 2]

Amazon Link

Get a splitter and you get dual speakers!

I hope you realize woot is selling a 2-pack, but amazon is selling just one.

Go great with my 2 iPods! Doesn’t everyone have 2 iPods?

Cnet Review here.

Cnet review

I don’t have two… I have one iPhone, one Android Phone and one Blackberry…

Oh wait… Damn it, I do have an iPod too, but it sits in my car, connected forever to it.

Maybe one for me and one for the girlfriend.

Instead of jumping at the chance to be right; why don’t we post about the quality of the speakers.

Altec Lansing

And a review!


iHome has a neat little powered speaker that costs less than this and also holds an iPad in either portrait or landscape. I got it as a gift and really like it. It’s stable on the iPad vertically also.

You only get one of them but that’s all I need at any given time.


Well, I’ll tell you this the reviews on Amazon are 4-stars and they’re $33.99 each there! So this is a STEAL :slight_smile:

But the description gave us all the information anyone would ever need about the quality. :smiley:

And it seems to quite accurate. Its hard to come across good reviews of this sucker. Perhaps some at Amazon

The iPhone / iPod Touch app seems amazing and makes this all the more better!!! One for home one for the office… really good for my “Power Naps” at the office! :slight_smile:

Here’s the M102 on Altec Lansing’s website.

I know that I can hook my Sansa Fuse up to the AUX port, but iPods/iPhones get all of the love recharging while connected. Does anyone know of a device like this that will recharge my little MP3 buddy while it sits on a speaker like this one can?

It sure will. As long as you drill some holes in your Sansa, connect a red and black wire to the power contact terminals, ensure appropriate voltage and connect the other ends to a power supply.

I mean, it will sit on your speaker while it charges, but the speaker won’t be the one charging it…lol :stuck_out_tongue: