Altec Lansing Octiv Mini Speaker System for iPhone & iPod - 2 Pack

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Altec Lansing Octiv Mini Speaker System for iPhone & iPod - 2 Pack
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I do not want this. I do not want to plug my iPod Touch into every possible thing that might have speakers.

Is this woot-off like a contest for ugliest iphone dock/speakers?

Enough with the iphone accessories crap…try selling some android accessories crap, not everyone has iphones

Doesn’t the whole world have a set of portable or extension speakers by now?

I love my Altec Lansing products (a set of buds and a imt325 speaker dock system thingy). The fidelity is great for the price and they don’t try to overemphasize the bass.

Wow, what amazingly positive ad copy! How can I hire this fellow? Look out Dale Carnegie!

Just realized this Woot-off lasts at least two days, because we haven’t had the $1.99 bottles of Dirt yet.

I bought these last time, good product for the price, decent sound

I have an iPhone.


completely agree the amount of iphone accessories on this woot-off is becoming more than ridiculous.

get an iPhone. don’t be one of those people who feel they need to be “different” and get an android because “you’re unique and against what’s popular”. The iPhone 4 was voted the overall best smartphone the year it came out and the year AFTER (even with all other new androids out that year). Maybe it’s been dethroned for a smidgen right now but only until the iPhone 5 comes out. not saying you are this type of person, but JUS SAYIN!

Wouldn’t people who want to be “different” buy iphones? Isn’t that their slogan? “Think Different”? Anyway, popular doesn’t equate to being the best phone. Otherwise, Windows is magnitudes better than Apple OS (Leopard or Bobcat or Gazelle or whatever they’re calling it now). People should buy whatever phone they like the best and fits their needs the most. If anything, it’s the Apple fanboys out there that are brainwashed into believing Apple anything is better than sliced bread and unwilling to try something different and possibly better.