Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone

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Altec Lansing T612 Digital Speaker for iPod and iPhone
$64.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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No Woot No!

I need iHome and for the iPad…

Please make this happen, thanks.

Is this compatible with my Mac?

So it comes with that iPod right? I see no disclaimer

Also good for drowning out my wife.

iPod? iPhone?

Never heard of them.

Pretty cool item, but I got an iHome last Christmas.

$85 on Amazon.

Since I plan on using my ipod mostly ‘on the go’ I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this.

I have one of these that I got several years ago. The sound quality is great and you can’t beat it for the price!

Price: $85.95 4 stars

shun knives please

According to the specs here and on Amazon, this isn’t compatible with the iPhone 4 or 4S.

Almost snagged one for my fiancee. Glad I caught that…

Looks like you get the iPod with this… Hmmm… Does it come with that funky skin?

And after that faithful Woot off no one would ever want for and iPod speaker again.

I wooted the Altec Lansing M604 (an earlier version) for Zune and for Ipod. This is an outstanding product. Truly pumps out the sound.

Does anyone know of a speaker system like this that is compatible with an iPod Classic 3rd Generation?

I am easily impressed by size, apparently. I am sitting pretty with a perfectly functioning iHome, yet I immediately was tempted to go in for one…

Will this work with my Zune?
Oh, OK…