Altec Lansing XT2 USB-Powered Speaker System for Travel

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Altec Lansing XT2 USB-Powered Speaker System for Travel
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Huh. Of all the things I really don’t need, this is probably second only to adult diapers.

Don’t let travelling on company business be a drag. Just get one of these, invite in the maids and the roudy college kids trashing a room down the hall and have yourself one hell of a hootinanny!

Apparently, these are huge in Texas.

In for 1 for a gift, do they work with tablets including the iPAD2?


Oh, sh*t…first comment twice in one night after YEARS of avoiding it! I’m losing my magic.

can these be used if you’re not traveling?

I’m no longer a FIRST virgin!!! Yessssss!!!

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I missed the adult diapers? Aww man.

Everyone needs adult diapers! Think about it, you could sit on the couch all day watching stale re-runs eating stale chips and when nature calls, just pop-a-squat in your bloomers!


Oh, btw, I’m no longer getting lingerie ads. Now, it says “Stuff my Cloud.”

I could respond to that in a variety of ways, but I think I’ll just ignore it until it goes by the wayside…

They’ll work with your tablet, but they’ll need power - if you have a wall-to-usb plug, you can plug these in to that and then just plug the 3.5 mm cord into whatever you want to play your audio.


…and I quote: “Delivers true digital sound directly from your laptop.”

Sound is analog. It can be stored digitally and transmitted between devices digitally, but it can only be delivered to your ears in an analog format.

Marketers stink. I’d be embarrassed by this writeup if I was part of the company that wrote it.

Thank you very much for your answer! :slight_smile: It shall be a great gift for a young woman.

If that’s the case, the company you work for should be embarrassed that you’re so petty and smug about your sense of perceived mental superiority to everyone else.

want to see it