Altigo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Altigo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I ordered this same product when it was on sale earlier. Here’s what you’re getting:

-Decent audio quality. More than what you can probably expect from a 20$ pair of headphones.
-About 3 hours of battery, give or take. They also sometimes lose charge even when you think you’ve turned them off, so careful that you hear the “power off”.
-A really annoying buzzing noise whenever there’s any sort of audio enabled. You know that sound when you have a pair of speakers on max volume and you hold your finger against the aux cord? Or maybe it’s like putting your ear right next to a TV. Low static noise that is actually pretty loud and noticeable and is still there even when you turn off noise canceling.

If you can learn to live with the buzzing noise, it’s a great deal. I couldn’t, so I returned mine.

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" A really annoying buzzing noise whenever there’s any sort of audio enabled."


I was about to buy two pair, but not anymore. Thanks for the info.

Well for what it’s worth I have a pair of these from a IRK and they absolutely do not have any buzzing when playing audio if ANC is turned off. I looked up Amazon reviews and saw where some people mentioned the hissing and some didn’t so it seems to be a crap shoot.

But mine 100% doesn’t have it with ANC turned off. And the audio is def better than the price would suggest. The ANC, hissing aside, is absolutely garbage anyway so it’s not worth using.

Really comfortable and excellent sound quality unfortunately they have a pretty consistent engineering defect in the headband and I’ve now owned three sets that have all snapped in exactly the same place.


Bought a pair for myself, seemed nice at first. Comfortable. So I ordered a pair within a week for my my spouse. In the time it took for his pair to come in, mine snapped in the plastic area right above a joint connection. I thought maybe it was me. Then my husband was even more exceedingly careful when placing his pair onto his head and they snapped in the same location as my pair did. I notice someone else mentioned that their pair(s) snapped in the same location as well. I tried multiple types of repairs including gorilla glue and plastic welding them and nothing worked. Ultimately a frustrating waste of money.

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Mine snapped too in less than a month, I babied them taking them on/off. Tried to glue/tape, but no good. Other side snapped too, just very, very weak headband.

Thank you all very much for letting me know about fragile they are. I was thinking of getting these for my GF but she tends to be rough with headphones I know that she would break them within a week.