Always Accurate

Love the blackness where the weather icon usually is. No sun, no clouds, no lightning bolt. So perfect.

Too bad my local weather isn’t as predictable. Monday = Snow, Tuesday = Shorts, Wednesday = Hail

Uh oh. Am I one of those people who goes onto comments sections to point out factual inaccuracies on tee shirts?

Oh no, I am! :frowning: Please help!

Technically, space has no temperature, not absolute zero. Temperature is a property of matter, and there is no (or very little) matter in open space.

Despite what is shown in some movies, if you were released into space, you wouldn’t instantly freeze to death. In fact, you’d stay roughly the same temperature. If space had a temperature of 0 Kelvin, spacecraft would need to generate massive amounts of heat just to keep astronauts alive and machinery functioning. But since there is no wind, etc., to carry away excess energy, finding a way to dissipate heat is a big challenge for the space program.

Somewhere Neil deGrasse Tyson is crying

Space is by no means always calm…

ooooooh talk nerdy to me some more! <3 <3 <3 <3

au contraire, there is much dark matter.

Is it just me or is this shirt trying to say that space is a constant 3.15 Kelvin?

You sir, just made me desist from buying this shirt… I don’t want to be pointed out and mocked at as a living billboard of scientific inaccuracies.

Hope tomorrow they have a scientifically accurate t-shirt of a cat dressed in a ninja costume.

Haha, I’m so glad you posted this cause when I saw the shirt was titled “always accurate” I felt obligated to do it myself. I try not to get pedantic about t-shirts but if you love/are interested in space this shirt is maaaaybe not the best way to show it.

At the end it says bra instead of brah.

Shoulda been a 9 day forecast.

Well, yes and no.
First, it’s the weather report for Deep Space, not space near a star like The Sun.
If NASA was doing manned work a couple of lightyears out, they would be more worried about keeping enough heat inside.

And any mass out there will have a temperature tending towards 3.5K. Your thermometer will constantly report its temperature dropping as it radiates away heat.

I am slightly disappointed that there isn’t a report of atmospheric pressure. Low, but not QUITE zero.

Finally a weather forecast that you can bank on. Not to mention, a T-shirt that you can be proud to wear!!

Maybe, it just doesn’t matter!

Well, sure. But dark matter, by definition, doesn’t play by the same rules as “regular” matter. for instance, exhibitibg a temperature.

Ha! I like it!

Next we need a mockery of JJ Abrams version of star trek depth perception.
Klingon home world: 5 minutes.
The moon: 1 mile.

Or, I can freeze a volcano, and save a civilization. The civilization is limited to one island???

One could never reach absolute zero in a theater, only in a vacuum does it exist.