Always Be Yourself

Batcat begins…

I wanna be bat cat.

Arghg…ordered yesterday’s derby winner… Now I need to order today’s second place and probably tomorrow’s as well… Wife loves these shirts…

I am vengeance.
I am the night.
I… am… Batcat!

And now for a nap. ^=.=^

Protecting the streets of Pawtham.

Batcat eats Robin

Rather than point the laser at the moon or the sun, the evil villain should have pointed it at the floor and moved it around.

My roller derby name is BAT CAT, so this is a no-brainer! Shutup and take my money!

I want this skin in Batman:AK SO MUCH.

Mogwai, one of my favorite bands, has a song called Batcat. It’s not my favorite song of theirs, although it is awesome live. It also has a great music video:

(FYI, there is another music video for the song but I don’t care for it much.)