Always Watching

Yep. Get the message out there.

Words fail me. But I’ll try…beyond clever.

I’m afraid to buy this because, ♫ “It always feels like, somebody’s watchin’ meeeeeeeee.” ♪

Eye see what you did there

Homeland Security is watching.

So much truth, to this.



I can’t be the only one that thinks that doesn’t look like an eye…am I?

…and I can’t unsee it now!!!

It’s not an eye. It’s THE EYE.

It’s not an eye, it’s a woman’s Virginia with an awful disease!

Um. Not the state.

Oh he’ll! I can’t spell it. Oh shirt!

(Darn iPhone autocorrect!)

Yup, I definitely saw something else!!

Not sure if anyone else has ever seen the glowing red IR Illuminators of an Infrared Camera, but they do look a lot like a watchful eye at night.

Let’s go make a scene at the front gate. The camera will turn to us, and our little friends can sneak in undetected.
Deja vu.

I don’t know why they always put those things over important doorways that are just below their view…

Cool design ace- :slight_smile:

Must. Not. Click. On. This. (It’s what The Eye is compelling me to do - have to fight the urge!)

Seriously, though, does anyone else see a nod to Darth Vader, too? The color and shape of the camera housing … hmmmm … did he have the ability to shape shift?


THAT is NOT an eye…nope…uh-uh

Tolkien and social commentary all rolled into one. Beautiful. According to my teenage daughter who is a budding Tolkien scholar, she thinks he would definitely approve. I’m going to have to purchase this shirt for the both of us.

I TOTALLY want to buy one of these! HOWEVER, why don’t you guyz offer TALL sizes?!? Dude needs a XXLT, and I have found that your shirts lose a minimum of 3 vertical inches in the wash!

Come on guyz, for the mental well being of those around us, help us keep the spare tire IN the trunk!!!