Always Watching

Harold Finch, misguided Tolkien fan.

(yeah, I know this isn’t really a Person of Interest reference :-p)

I wonder what Banksy would do to this?

Why shirt.woot, why? I want to buy this shirt. But your non-AA blanks are just terrible.


Sorry I won’t buy the anvil shirts, they are just too short, and poorly fitting.

Not sure if Lord of the Rings or Devil May Cry…

I have been staying away from some buys (including this one) for the same reason. The more I wash the Anvil shirts (never put them in a dryer) the more they shrink vertically (but not horizontally). They just look and fit poorly.

Plus they get rougher with age. The AA blanks get nice and soft.

There is a side-sale now with all AA blanks - you might want to check it out!

The ultimate big brother

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That’s weird Golux, my sales page says 378 first day sales.

PS: thanks for all the kind words:)