AM FM SW Radio With Solar Power

AM FM SW Radio With Solar Power

Actually $22.95 on mothership, no warranty info:

Aw, come on. You know that list price isn’t the Amazon price. It’s the MSRP.

Then why doesn’t the mothership listing state an MSRP, if it’s genuine?

It’s a listing by a 3rd party seller. They chose not to put a list price on their sale.

Okay, the manufacturer’s site lists $19.99. Do you feel better?

I saw that. That page is showing tons of models. The one for $19.99 isn’t the solar one. It’s really confusing.

The exact same model is in the photo, and the most expensive of the two is 19.95. So. If the “list price” is 29.99 as you went out of your way to assert, what is your source?

Not my source. It’s given to us by vendors or imported from amazon. I don’t set them.

Also, according to my search, the model number is TPR500. That model isn’t shown on the TPro site. It’s not in the drop down of model numbers on that page.

As I said, very confusing.

I’d say, ignore the list price. If you want the radio great. If not, that’s fine too.