Amatuer Night

Can anybody tell me what it is that is above the mouth of the rightmost dog on the floor? Is that supposed to be a puff of vapor from the dog’s mouth?

Anyone else see a mushroom in this design?

Amateur ?

Hey Adder, I think that was the point. Amateur is spelled somewhat, well, amatuerishly.

Either that or it just hacked up a piece of popcorn.

If it was a bunch of dogs playing spelling bee, fine. I don’t buy that logic here.

Man, some of you just have to pick a design to death. It’s not nearly crude enough to be Ren and Stimpy, and what would be wrong with that anyway? This is an awesome classic. You know folks will be scrambling for this during the next random. First time ever for 2 tees. To many poker playing/dog owners in the house.

Congrats to the artist! I like a sense of humor and a person who doesn’t take themself too seriously…which by the majority of comments I’ve read thus far…doesn’t say much for a lot of the commentators of this shirt.

Very cute and funny! Great shirt. Not a sale for me, but close!

I really dig this one. I like cranberry and I like dogs playing poker. Style is just weird enough to make people go wt**f.

I like it, maybe i’m just drunk and I like poker, but I like it… props

Nice play on the dogs playing poker painting. I’m in for one. I like the design alot, which seems to be an unpopular opinion from what I’ve read so far.

Were you also one of the ad wizards complaining about Cat Carrier offending WWII vets and Feed the Whale being anti-semitic? Because this is a totally ridiculous comment. Doubly so since you CAN’T buy killer bees anymore.

The doxies cheating big time. It must be some kind of GERMAN reference! For those of you to dense to figure it out, thats sarcasm.

I’m a dog person (have a dog with his head in my lap right now as I type). I just bought yesterday’s’ PB and Jellyfish, but I’m really tempted to get this one.

edit: I got one. It’s only 10 bucks and I like the design.

In for one, don’t think the color will suit me but this deserves a purchase.

The doxie’s cheating big time. It must be some kind of GERMAN reference! For those of you too dense to figure it out, that’s sarcasm.

For those of you (one person) too dense to figure it out, that’s the correct spelling of those sentences.

I never claimed to be an English major, but I know I do better than a few folks here.

I like the shirt but I recently bought Suburban Blitzkrieg which was also on cranberry. Oh well.

Sorry will take credit for my screwup ordered on hubbys account.